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Three Tips To Maintain Your Holiday Health

One of the most important things for you to do is to have a plan of attack for maintaining your health during the Holidays. When we are not healthy during the holidays we start the new year at a health disadvantage so here are 3 tips to help with your Holiday Health.

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Apple Hemp Crumble!

Don’t let your health crumble, make this for you and your guests and give the gift of better nutrition. Servings: 4-6 Ingredients: Hemp crumble topping -1/2 cup cashews -1/2 cup Manitoba Harvest hemp seeds -3 dried figs Diced apple filling -4 apples, peeled and diced -1 tbsp lemon juice Applesauce -2 apples, peeled and diced…

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Holiday Health

The holidays are coming and that means good stress, bad stress and maintaining your health during the holidays. Maintaining our health means having a plan of attack to start the new year off in the right way so I’m going to discuss these three areas. Alcohol, added sugar and sleep so you can have a…


Ashley in the Media

Ashley’s been doing the rounds in the national media recently. Here’s a quick teaser to keep you updated!

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The body has an inflammatory response system. It let’s you know if something is wrong. What can you do to help promote a healthy inflammatory response? Find out in this video.

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INFObesity: What is it? Why do we all suffer from it? Here’s my cure

There is too much information these days. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone is an “expert”. Who can we trust? Who has our best interests at heart? How can we stop this? Watch this video to find out Ashley’s tips on how to turn this information into results.

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What Are Your Fav Foods? These Are Mine!

People always ask me what my favorite foods are so I decided to make a video about. Oh and by the way chocolate is one of them!


What Products should I choose Organic?

I want to buy organic but do I have to buy everything organic? Are there certain things I should always buy organic? What about supplements or beauty products. Ashley answers here!


What Should I Eat?

Do you ask yourself “What should I eat?” Figuring out the answer should isn’t as complex as it seems. I explain four simple key concepts everyone should follow in order to choose what to eat.


How Hemp Heals

Hemp gives the body what it needs, when it needs it via plant based nutrients, fiber and essential fatty acids. I share different ways to add hemp into your meals for better and simplified nutrition.

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