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Maintaining a Healthy Weight through the Holidays

This week on “Take Care,” Ashley Koff RD suggests strategies to eat healthy and not gain too much weight during the holiday time. Koff is a contributing editor to Prevention magazine, the author of two books and on the faculty of the Continuum Center for Health and Healing at the Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City....

Reducing Inflammation in the Body

It’s time to take hold of the number one health problem you don’t even know about. Inflammation. Reducing inflammation in the body may be one of your key factors to improve your health. Ashley Koff teaches us how to improve our daily choices to improve our total health....

Episode 36 Joe the Juicer

Discover the man who's recipe for self-help is one that we could all benefit from. Joe serves up great tips and challenges us all - whether you are "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" or serving/eating off "Kids Menu" or building a busine...

Episode 34 Derek Millender

Y'all know I am an obsessive basketball fan, and my Cavs did it this year, and yes, I even stayed a Lebron fan when he made the decision. So it was such a dream to be introduced to their strength training and conditioning coach - I was so excited. And then I was blown away! Derek Millender is an exceptional individual. Robyn O'Brien and I were so moved - and I know you will be too - by his persona...

Episode1 Let’s Be The Change!

Welcome to Take Out with Ashley and Robyn! We are looking forward to bringing you a series of Podcasts on Better Nutrition, Simplified and the new food economy that cuts to the chase and asks the tough questions! It's time for a Food Awakenings! Today Ashley and Robyn introduce themselves and let you know what this podcast series has to offer! This will be a fun way to reach you on a regular basis...

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