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In my webinar series I explore a range of nutrition topics and bring in experts to help answer your questions like How to Detox, Pros & Cons of Dietary Supplements and more.

What does your body need to run better? Magnesium!

Whether to turn off stress, support better digestion, aid cramps and headaches, support sleep, muscle fatigue, constipation or help promote healthy blood sugar levels and metabolism, the body relies on enough magnesium to do these important jobs and more. 70-80% of us are not getting enough magnesium daily (based on RDA recommended daily allowance).

More stressed? Don’t be. Join me for better magnesium tips, tools and recipes so you can relax and enjoy the better health benefits of magnesium.

What is Better Protein? How Can You Get it More Often?

During this summit, nutrition experts Ashley Koff RDN and Kate Geagan RDN look at current trends, what are people eating, how could it be better – for their health and planetary health – and what recommendations should practitioners be making to encourage better protein intake more often. But what are your protein needs? Stop guessing! Learn to assess your needs here as well as those of your clients & patients (if applicable) and discover how you can do it deliciously, more often. Want to evaluate your better nutrition intake?

How to Get Better Back To School Nutrition for Your Family

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That time again. A new school year means new schedules, new lessons, new classmates – a whole lot of new for kids of any age. Join me and my special guest, Catherine McCord, founder of weeliciouss & One Potato for better nutrition tips, tools and resources to help you and your family get and keep better health this year, powered by better nutrition. Email me via my website and get my Better Back to School Nutrition guide FREE. Your better health enabler – Ashley Koff RD

Better Nutrition Better Be Plant Based

Better nutrition powers your better health. When it comes to better nutrition, it better be plant-based, more often. Plants pack super powers that benefit all animals. Now all plants are not created equal, and your body needs different nutrients so it demands a variety of plants more often. And most important, better nutrition better be delicious, so join me for tips, tools and resources to build your better plant-based nutrition plan, deliciously!

Better Travel Nutrition. What It Is & What It Is Not

Whether you travel by train, plane, car, boat, bike or on foot, better nutrition will make your travel better, help you enjoy your trip better, and work to ensure you arrive home feeling better too. Join me as I share what better travel nutrition is and is not, via my better travel nutrition tips and tools, including an Ashley Koff Approved (AKA) favorite – Perfect Foods bar. I invited their founder and CEO Bill Keith to join me to share how he and his 12 siblings and their growing family make better on-the-go eating a delicious, better nutrition win in every bite and bar.

Better Bariatric Nutrition for Better Health

Considering weight loss (bariatric) surgery, already had the surgery and seeking to get better results? Or do you work with weight loss surgery patients and trying to help them get better results too? Better nutrition fuels better health – and that is what weight loss surgery can deliver, better health. Join me to get better bariatric nutrition tools – that what you should and should not have (food, supplements, activity) and how to make those better not perfect choices more often. I am thrilled to be joined by Elizabeth Roarke – nurse, mom, bariatric patient (2004) and now bariatric patient coordinator. Together we will discuss what works and does not, and offer better tips to help you and your patients get better results with weight loss surgery.

Tick Tock: Better Heart Health Webinar

Better heart health nutrition is equally about what you choose to consume as what you choose to avoid. Discover better not perfect heart health choices in this webinar & better nutrition better be delicious so joining me will be acclaimed Chef Rick Moonen​ (RM Seafood in Las Vegas) who will share some of his favorite heart healthy foods, recipes, tips, and techniques. This webinar is sponsored by the delicious better nutrition enabler BELA

Adapt Better: Better Adaptogen Nutrition

What are adaptogens? Why are adaptogens important? I also have Palo Hawken the Co-Founder of REBBL joining me to help answer these questions and more!

Better Holiday Nutrition because its better to be healthy and happy especially at the holidays

The holidays happen each year and each year my clients ask if it’s possible – to enjoy their holidays and be healthy too? And we aren’t talking about only eat the veggies or just have one drink at a holiday party kind of enjoyment. SO to help me answer YES and show you how you can be both healthy and happy during the holidays (hint: these tips work all year long) I have invited one of my favorite guest experts – Tess Masters ( The Blender Girl). Join us to discuss what holiday health really means and how to have it and keep it during the whole year beginning in November. We will tackle topics like better digestion, alkaline-forming, stress management, sleep, avoiding weight gain, and a few other pearls. What’s more, you will have access to some delicious recipes and tools that enable better holiday nutrition, simplified.

Better Sports Nutrition, Simplified

Get better sports nutrition because better nutrition enables better performance. Ashley is joined with guest Amanda Carlson Phillips RD who is Vice President of Nutrition & Research at Team EXOS.

Better Clothing & Bedding

When it comes to better health, it is fueled by better nutrition but as we’ve learned it can also be challenged by exposure to toxins including what we put on ourselves or sleep on daily. My own personal frustration with not understanding what was actually better in clothing, linens and textiles led me to explore the world of game changer Marci Zaroff, an Eco Fashion Pioneer. Come learn with me as Marci simplifies better textiles for us and to shop better, which means person and planet friendlier, while not compromising on fashion and performance.

Better Back to School Nutrition

Starting to collect school supplies? Ready for a new year? Add getting “Better Back to School Nutrition Simplified” to your list of end of summer must’s so that your kids and you start the year fueled for success.

Better Beauty Nutrition

What we apply to our skin gets absorbed directly into our bodies which means it is so important that what we put on our skin nourishes it and certainly doesn’t detract from our health efforts. That’s why I’ll show you what to include and exclude, to get better beauty for better health.

Get Better Health with Better Nutrition

We may know what we should eat and even what we shouldn’t but making those choices daily, especially often proves challenging and even stressful. It shouldn’t be and it won’t be once you learn Better Nutrition, Simplified.

Pros & Cons of Dietary Supplements

If you take supplements, are they safe, effective and helping? In this webinar I will break it down for you and provide you a framework for how to think about supplements, to assess needs, to choose better and share with you some examples of how dietary supplements help or deduct from better health.

How to Detox for Better Health

I’m taking on a hot topic – Detox! I’m joined by my special guest, Amie Valpone from The Healthy Apple and author of Eating Clean, to help me discuss Better Detox Nutrition Simplified. Learn how to make your body feel as amazing as possible through various simple yet life-altering changes to your nutrition and lifestyle habits.


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