Better Videos & Podcasts

Better Videos & Podcasts

We all learn differently, some do better with seeing and hearing content, others do better hearing me ask other experts key questions. All of us do better when we have quality information that addresses the gray matters of how better nutrition fuels better health (and I’m not talking about brain matter or hair color). I will help sort through confusing and conflicting information, give you quick and easy tips, and introduce you to experts and gamechangers who inspire better health.



Not in the mood to read? No problem! Check out my short videos that will help simplify common topics such as stress, travel, energy levels, plus give you easy recipes for Better Nutrition on the go.

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In my webinar series I will explore a range on nutrition topics and bring in experts to help answer your most common questions and concerns.

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Come join me as I co-host Take Out with my friend Robyn O’Brien and see what other podcast shows I’m a guest on as I discuss how better nutrition fuels better health.

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