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Better Nutrition, Simplified Plan

Better nutrition is actually simple but it doesn’t often feel that way! That’s why I have created the Better Nutrition, Simplified Plan that provides everything you need to know about better nutrition on ONE PAGE. If it can all fit on one page, it should be easIER for you to do, yes? As with any new-to-you tool, it does take a few minutes to learn how to use it and then some practice. But hopefully this step by step guide will keep it simple and help you help yourself get healthier and stay healthy with better nutrition. Here we go:

Step 1: Take a deep breath in and exhale out all of the mental confusion that you’ve gathered over the years from trying to figure out the perfect way to eat. There is no perfect nutrition, no perfect diet, no perfect health – there’s just better nutrition, and its about to get easier for you.

Step 2: Write down what you had to eat and drink yesterday and when. Don’t judge yourself and don’t worry if it was the best day or a bad day or even if you can’t remember it all – we just need a guide for you to use.

Step 3: Review the 4 pillars – Quantity, Quality, Nutrient Balance, and Frequency.

Step 4: Look at your day and see how you did on the following:

.A) frequency – Did I have something within 45 minutes of waking and then about every three hours after? Did I eat or drink    more often or less frequently?

.B) nutrient balance – Did I have a serving from each nutrient group each time I ate/ drank? Remember to include “non-starchy vegetable” as a nutrient group and look at the foods that contain 2 nutrients at one time like beans (a carbohydrate and a protein so they count for both), and for certain nuts and seeds which are both a fat and a protein source.

.C) quantity – How much of each food did you have? A whole apple is 1 carb, 1/2 an apple is 1/2 a carb, an apple flavored “protein” bar may have 3 servings of carbs (45g carb/serving as it says 15g is a carb serving) but not enough protein.

.D) quality – look at the * which explain what to look for to help you make better quality choices.

Step 5: Assess how you did. It’s very rare that we do poorly across all 4 pillars so look at what seemed harder for you. Are you doing great on quality but not hitting frequency well enough? Are you eating often enough, but eating too much, even if “good for you foods”? Have you been a calorie counter or focused on one nutrient group over another and now need to work on nutrient balance?

Ideally you would keep a food journal for the next week(s) and continue to see how you do using the plan as your guide. Are you always forgetting to have a carb at lunchtime and then craving something sweet or are super tired at 3pm? Or are you missing protein at breakfast, so you are hungry mid-morning or feel really tired by lunch. Are you backloading and not eating during the day and then having most of your food at night when you come home? Does the quality of what you eat suffer, maybe on travel or longer work days and as such your body isn’t feeling as nourished as it could be? The Better Nutrition, Simplified Plan is the easier way to make better nutrition simple and doable for a happier healthier you.

And if the plan doesn’t seem easy enough then please let me know. I want to help you so your feedback is really important and I know that others likely have your questions too. You can email me at, tweet me @AshleyKoff, ask questions on Facebook @AshleyKoffApproved or send me pictures of your food choices with questions on Instagram @AshleyKoffApproved


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