The Better Nutrition Membership

The Better Nutrition Membership

There is no perfect health, no perfect diet, no perfect nutrition, but there is Better Nutrition and it just got easier for you! Join the Better Nutrition Membership for exclusive access to real support and better tools to make better not perfect choices, more often.

Assess where your nutrition is at

  • Better Nutrition Evaluations: take these quick quizzes to see what you are doing daily and how it affects what you have and what you need
  • Better CheckUp Checklist: work better with your doctor(s) when you are better prepared and help them have better information
  • The “Road Trip to Better Health” workbook: get a better self-assessment of your current nutrition by doing the easy exercises and tracking your results

Get better meals, snacks, recipes & menus

  • Better Recipes: Access to curated recipes from celebrity chefs, foodies, and other members plus my advice to help you enjoy each recipe while staying on your Better Nutrition plan
  • Better Recipe Evaluation: Could your favorite recipe become better for you? Members can submit recipes to me for evaluation and Better Nutrition upgrades
  • Assess your nutrition using my evaluations and use my Better Nutrition Menus to help you make better not perfect choices, more often. Try them for a week to see how different you feel

Act Better Not Perfect more often

  • The Better Bites -more ideas to help you make better not perfect choices more often
  • The Better Menus – follow-up The Better Evaluations by trying a week of The Better Menu to help you enjoy better nutrition
  • The Better Recipes – better nutrition better be delicious, get recipes that deliver on both!

Get better… for less!

  • Member Pricing: 20% off a consultation with me, including a year of email access so I can answer questions along the way.
  • Gift a nutrition consult to a friend at the Members-only price – one per year
  • VIP access to my sold out webinars and the opportunity to submit questions beforehand
  • Special member discounts on some of my favorite products, services and resources

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Do you need The Better Nutrition Membership?

  1. Do you want better results and a better plan to keep them?
  2. Has trying perfect plans left you perfectly frustrated?
  3. Could your life be better if you had ongoing help making better not perfect choices more often?
  4. Do you like better tasting food and want better health?
  5. Could you use your time better if you had help sorting the nutrition information that’s better for you?

If you answered “YES’” (or OH YEAH or YES PLEASE or OMG YES!) to any or all of these questions then The Better Nutrition Membership is the better choice for you to make.  Get better results  and join now!

Still not sure if Better Nutrition is for you?

Get a taste of Better Nutrition with The Better Nutrition Plan  to help you assess your current nutrition, keep what’s already better and discover where you can act #betternotperfect more often to get the better health results you crave.

When you’re ready for more better tools and real support (from me) upgrade to The Better Nutrition Membership or


and get The Better Nutrition Plan FREE with your membership!

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