Better Nutrition Workshops

What does your group (school, colleagues, book or bridge club) really want? Better health. How can you help them get it? A better nutrition workshop. For decades, I have helped groups get and keep their better health results powered by better nutrition workshops where I lead an interactive better nutrition discussion, answer questions and provide resources so that everyone leaves with something better, not perfect, they can do more often to get the better health results they crave. Your group deserves better!


Better Nutrition Workshop Topics Include:
Build Your Better Nutrition Plan*
Want Better Health? Let’s Take A Better Road Trip Together*
Get Better Energy Powered by Better Nutrition*
Age Better Powered by Better Nutrition*
Better Travel / Energy / Performance Powered by Better Nutrition*
Get Better Nutrition School Lessons: Added Sugar, Fiber, Better Snacking (etc.)

*We recommend The Better Nutrition Plan or The Better Road Trip Program to accompany these workshops (can provide digital versions).


Please contact Matt at to book a Better Nutrition Workshop, speaking engagement or to get references.

“A very sincere and resounding thank you from me and my friends for your amazing presentation today.  My friends could not believe how you helped all of us and entertained us at the same time. I cannot thank you enough for your helpful advice and sharing your amazing energy with us.  You empowered everyone, and I, personally, have never learned more about nutrition or felt more hopeful for my improvement.”

– JW

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