“We turned to Ashley to help push our team’s thinking on healthy eating programs and at the same time inspire our General Managers to make better food choices in their own lives. The conference was a huge success and Ashley’s material inspired lots of note taking and personal storytelling about changes people are making to be a ‘Qualitairan’ in their persona lives”

Brian Povinelli, Global Brand Leader, Westin Hotels

“Ashley is an instrumental player in the field of nutrition. I trust she will no doubt transform the industry; she sets the bar for what it means to be an influential and responsible leader in health and wellness.”

Dr. Andrew Weil

“Her advice is so sensible and realistic, and that’s what I want to offer my readers.” 

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

“Ashley is the most knowledgeable nutritionist that I have ever worked with. She really cares about her clients and wants them to have optimum health. Ashley helped me find a way to have lots of energy while working very long days. She’s able to work around food intolerances and address different personal nutritional needs. It seems like there is nothing she doesn’t know about nutrition.” 

Emily Deschanel, Actress

“Great information and ideas for actually moving clients into positive action!”

Idea World Attendee

“This was so needed. It’s overwhelming for all of us. Good thoughts on sifting through and helping our clients do the same. I find her presentation style appealing – she’s a good teacher, keeps attention and I appreciate the helpful tips and tools.”

Idea World Attendee

“Ashley Koff is not only a fabulous and inspiring person, she is a tremendous speaker with an engaging, energetic, and entertaining presence. I have participated both with her as a panelist, where she held her own with Emmy-award winning host, Dr. Mehmet Oz and other prestigious health champions, and as an interviewer in front of a crowd of 10,000 people. In both cases, she was able to dynamically adjust to the topic and the audience to ensure a memorable and impactful session”.

Jeff Arnold, CEO, Sharecare

“Progressive Grocer is grateful for Ashley’s participation – and extends thanks to Earthbound Farms for sponsoring her presentation.As Ashley described, consumers face “nutrition whiplash” due to all the “healthy messages” they’re continually hit with. But for our retail dietitian attendees, she clearly defined a game plan around social media and connecting with consumers by having a plan! Identify the issue and the opportunities for addressing it. Simplify – not oversimplify – the message; and get the word out – having a partner helps”.

Joan Driggs, Editorial Director, Progressive Grocer

“You empowered everyone, and I, personally, have never learned more about nutrition or felt more hopeful for my improvement”.

JW, Wellington School

“Ashley is a bright spot in the world. Her dynamic enthusiasm coupled with her depth of detailed knowledge and top-professional presentation skills is a rare combination. I’ve worked with Ashley for many years and she’s not only easy to work with but also uplifting in the process. Ashley is a unique and caring individual and I value both our professional relationship and friendship”

Ken Whitman, President, Natural Vitality

“We are proud to have Ashley as an alumna. She is full of knowledge and charm!”

Lisa, Wellington School

“Ashley was a dynamic emcee at Prevention’s R3 Summit for two consecutive years. Her deep knowledge and credentials in the health and wellness apace made her our go-to resource. She brought great energy and gravitas to our stage and all of the panels that she moderated. Ashley has a huge fan base at Prevention!”

Lori Burgess, Prevention Magazine

“Koff routinely goes above the call of duty to get answers about where our food and supplements really come from. She’s the Diet Detective and we all benefit from her work.”

Lori Corbin, ABC LA’s Food Coach

Ashley is one, if not the, most passionate people I’ve ever met when it comes to informing and educating consumers and companies alike on the benefits of healthy eating and lifestyle. She is truly a wealthy of important information and her enthusiasm for sharing the message of healthy food and eating is unmatched. A true professional and absolute joy to work with!!”

Matt Seeley, CEO Organic Produce Network

“Without question, Ashley has been the biggest champion of our new BroccoLeaf…and an absolute joy to work with. Her energy to promote is endless and her knowledge of all things healthy unmatched. Ashley’s effort in helping us bring this product to market—and garner major national publicity—is why we look forward to working with her on future projects.”

Matt Seeley, Vice President Marketing & Brand Management, Foxy Produce

“Ashley brings approachability and deep expertise to nutrition education. She makes the prospect of making better choices delightful. We loved having her at our event and as an advisor. Ashley embodies all the qualities we seek to nurture in our community- aspiration, creativity, playfulness and a tireless commitment to better health for all”.

Nina Kjellson, General Partner, InterWest & ConsumerMed.org

“Loved your Better Nutrition workshop! I already changed something based on your suggestions and it’s been quite helpful! Thank you!”


“Ashley Koff is a brilliant nutritional resource for us, knowledgeable and prepared on all the latest trends — especially when it comes to separating the rational from the reckless. Her guidance helps us turn some pretty complex data into meaningful insights and useful information for our audience. Plus, she’s easy to talk to and great fun to work with. We don’t want to imagine eating without her!” 

Samantha Cabaluna, VP of Marketing Communications, Earthbound Farm

“Having Ashley Koff, RD at the WTVR CBS 6 Healthy Lifestyle Expo was such an honor.  She engaged and captured the audience with her talk about Better Nutrition Simplified and with her delicious food samples.  She was enthusiastic and interactive with the crowd by allowing a little girl to join her on stage to emphasize just how easy nutrition can be and that the whole family can participate. The audience truly enjoyed Ashley’s presence on stage and valued her advice on how to improve their overall health”.

Shelby Jennette Advertising Sales Coordinator, WTVR TV/DT CBS 6

“We honestly thought she was the hit of the Festival. She increased the enjoyment of every segment she was involved in by at least two fold. A must for next year!!”

Sun Valley Harvest Festival


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