It is not the intention of Better Nutrition Simplified membership or Ashley Koff RD LLC website to provide specific nor personalized medical nutrition therapy advice, but rather to provide users with information to better understand their health and their diagnosed disorders. Specific medical nutrition therapy advice will not be provided, and Better Nutrition Simplified membership /Ashley Koff RD LLC urges you to consult with a qualified physician for diagnosis and Ashley Koff RD or other licensed medical practitioners for answers to your personal questions.

Ashley Koff RD LLC seeks to provide consumers, the media, and healthcare professionals with the best nutrition information devoid of marketing influences. To this end, the AKA stamp / logo “can NOT be purchased, it’s EARNED” – meaning that companies submit their product and marketing materials for evaluation by Ashley Koff RD LLC – at times this includes a manufacturing plant visit, third party ingredient audits, and other information. Approval is based on Koff’s determination that the company uses high quality ingredients, avoids known toxins, demonstrates an effort to be kind to the environment (both in production and in corporate practices), communicates their product benefits in an honest, substantiatable manner, and of course, tastes great. Once approved, companies may utilize the AKA logo / approval on their marketing materials. They are asked to submit new products and notify Ashley Koff RD LLC of product changes; Ashley Koff RD LLC also frequently reviews grocery stores, websites, and advertisements as an ongoing part of the audit process.

Ashley Koff RD LLC companies may choose to participate in several PAID opportunities such as: placing a web banner on the Ashley Koff RD LLC site, hiring Ashley Koff RD LLC to represent them as a spokesperson for media projects and events, participation in an AKA event where AKA companies are sampled. To be clear, Ashley Koff RD LLC and AKA only accept money from AKA companies; at times, particular media outlets may choose to link Koff’s message to products advertise with them (i.e., a magazine ad featured below Koff’s quote) but that should NOT be construed as an AKA endorsement. For a list of brands that Koff receives or has received funds from you may email and also review the AKA portion of this site to see web banners.

A word from Ashley Koff RD LLC on her financial relationship with companies: “Having worked in advertising for major global brands prior to becoming a dietitian, I am well aware of the gray areas that can exist in terms of marketing messages and spokespersons. By disclosing the above information, I seek to provide total transparency. My goal as a consultant and media spokesperson is to help companies make better products and to help the consumer make better choices. In my media work, I also seek to provide a balanced approach by including more than one company from a category. I welcome your inquiries and suggestions about AKA as it’s meant to be a tool for you.”

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