Better Nutrition FAQs

1. What is Better Nutrition? Why should I follow this plan?

Better nutrition refers to the resources (nutrients) that the body needs to run better. Better nutrition fuels better health. So if you are interested in getting or keeping better health, you will want to follow the better nutrition plan. Better nutrition is, well, better, not perfect. There is no perfect health, no perfect nutrition, and no perfect nutrition plan, but there is better and it’s about to get a whole lot easier for you with the better tools included in The Better Nutrition Membership.

2. What is The Better Nutrition Membership?

As a dietitian for nearly two decades, I have better tools that enable my patients’ better results. Not every person needs the same thing, in fact, it’s the opposite. But we all need better nutrition. The better tools help you self-assess your current nutrition, keep what’s already better, and address what needs to be better by learning to act better not perfect more often. I created the membership to offer you unlimited access to all the better nutrition tools as well as discounts on services, programs, and special members only opportunities. I also created the membership because I recognize that as important as getting better nutrition is, not everyone can afford to have a Better Nutrition Personal Consult with me, and likewise, I am not able to consult with everyone if I want to keep my better health too!

3. I have tried (and failed) so many diets and programs, why will this one be different?

You haven’t failed, those diets and programs failed you. I am not saying that to get your business but to help you realize that if someone else’s plan or program didn’t work for you, that’s because it was someone else’s plan or program! The #1 reason diets fail you is that they don’t meet you where you are right now. They don’t work in your life. The better nutrition plan is better because like I do with each patient, it starts with a self-assessment. The #2 reason that diets and programs fail is that they are not customized to who you are today and provide a road map for how you can get there in your life. The better nutrition plan helps you keep what is already better and focus on what needs attention. Then the better tools help you learn to act better not perfect more often to address what is keeping you from better nutrition and the better health results you crave.

4. What’s the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist or health coach?

A lot of letters (ha ha), but seriously, the letters after my name ‘RD’ mean a lot to me and you. I have a medical license and as such am bound by certain regulations as well as have specific in-hospital and medical training. There are awesome nutritionists and health coaches but there training varies greatly. That said, my training – especially the integrative nutrition part – is very different than many dietitians. I guess what I am saying is that you should evaluate who you choose to work with based on your personal health goals and how that person plans to help you reach them. I will tell you this – there’s no perfect health, no perfect diet or program, but there is better nutrition and I will work with you to help you get your better nutrition and the better health goals you crave!

5. I bought The Better Nutrition Membership, now what?

Now’s when you start to get better! When you sign up you receive an instructions email (didn’t get it? That’s not ok! Click here and we will address ASAP) which explains what you will receive weekly from me and where to get access to the unlimited Better Members only content.

6. I bought The Better Nutrition Plan, now what? 

Let’s use it so you start to get the better nutrition your body needs to run better. The plan is a PDF that you can type on with your computer. If you are like me and still prefer to write with pen and paper, print it out and get to work!

7. I bought The Road Trip to Better Health workbook and audio program, now what? 

Yay! I can’t wait to see where you are going to take me on your Road Trip. That’s right, you are driving, you are picking the destination, and I, your road trip buddy am along to provide the road map, help navigate, and help you better address anything that comes up when we are out on the road together. Make sure you download the audio link. Make sure you set aside some time to for our Road Trip. It starts with about 90 minutes of workbook exercises that we do together (that’s where your audio link comes in), and then you head Out on the Road for four weeks so plan as you will be keeping your better nutrition log and making time to assess how you do each week. Got more questions? A member of the Better Road Trip team is here to help you.

8. I have ___________ (disease, condition, fear, health challenge) can you help me?

Likely. As a dietitian who has also trained in integrative nutrition, I work with many patients whose current or prior health issues include well-known as well as rare ones. It’s likely that you will need a Better Nutrition Personal Consult with me so review that information and you can always send me more information so we can both determine if I could be your better health enabler, and/or part of your personal better health team.

9. I am allergic to many foods; can you help me? 

You bet. Whether food allergies, food intolerances, or environmental allergies are keeping you from your better nutrition and better health, the better nutrition plan and The Better Nutrition Membership are designed to help you understand how to make better not perfect choices from better foods and better supplements so you take in the nutrients your body needs more often.

10. I heard you speak at an event and would like to have you come talk to my group, how do I schedule that? 

Thank you! That means the world to me. To ask or schedule an in-person event with me, please reach out to a member of The Better Nutrition Team here.

11. Do you work with kids? 

Yes. One of reasons I do what I do today is my dad, a pediatric urologist, once said to me “Ash, if kids ate better, I wouldn’t have to operate as often.” That stuck with me, and even though I spent a few years on the other side (I started my career in advertising and making commercials to sell parents on sugar cereals for their kids! Oooooooh mea culpa!), I became passionate about helping kids, and parents, get the better nutrition their bodies need to run better. I developed better nutrition tools for parents to help them discover better choices for their kids and themselves. Because better nutrition better be delicious check out the Better Recipes and Better Kids Menu as part of The Better Nutrition Membership. Today, in my private practice, I have a lot of kids and young adults that I work with remotely. That isn’t a fit for all, so if you prefer an in-person consult with me, you will need to be in Washington DC or connect with me when I am in your neighborhood.

12. Do you work with schools? 

You bet I do! I love Skyp’ing into schools to talk better nutrition. Let a member of The Better Nutrition Team know that you are interested and they will send you more information.

13. I can’t afford anything you are selling; can you help me for FREE? 

You bet! I created lots of better tools that are free so that anyone can start to make better nutrition choices more often. Check out my better videos, my better audio consults, my better recipes, and the better products I approved as part of my Ashley Koff Approved (AKA) List. Also, you can search and read through The Better Blog for better nutrition advice.

14. I purchased the Better Nutrition Membership and got a receipt from ‘BundlePod LLC’ is this incorrect? 

From March 2016 through April 19, 2017 BundlePod LLC was handling the financial transactions and technology for the website(s) known as, and for The Better Nutrition Membership. If you need more information please contact a member of The Better Nutrition Team here.

15. I signed up or bought something by mistake or it isn’t what I wanted, how can I get a refund?

We want you to be happy, and we also want to reduce stress for all of us so we have a one time 24-hour cancellation (request should be made by email) from the time of purchase of your membership. There are no refunds after purchase of The Better Nutrition Plan or The Road Trip to Better Health program(s).

16. I would love to intern or work for you! 

That’s awesome! We love to hear from individuals who are passionate about enabling better health for others. Let a member of the Better Nutrition Team know more about you and your interest by sending us a note here.

17. Are you paid to promote products? 

Yes and No. Over the years, I developed a few paid partnerships like those I currently have with Nature’s Path Organics, Manitoba Harvest, Natural Vitality and TrueBroc. I have other companies that pay me to promote their products in my social media. In all these cases, I make every effort to adhere to the most current methods for identifying that paid relationship, noting that these differ across platforms. I am not paid to promote all their products, just the ones that I approve. I also do not have exclusivity in any of my contracts, meaning that I am not paid to say that I only recommend their product. On that note, I have never been paid to approve (Ashley Koff Approve (AKA)) a product or service. Those products that are on my AKA list may promote that on their package or in their social media or on their website free of charge. For more information, please review the Disclosure.

18. My question is not addressed here. 

I tried to make a list of questions that I get frequently, but I am better not perfect, so this list may not address your question. Thankfully, we can easily connect! Please send me and a member of the Better Nutrition Team a message here. We make every effort to respond within 48 business hours and if you feel that your need is time sensitive please note that in the subject line.


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