Ashley Koff, Registered Dietitian

Award winning nutrition expert, Ashley Koff RD helps create better health for all in the US fueled by better nutrition. From her earliest days as an ad executive, Koff mastered the skills needed to develop targeted nutrition marketing messages that directed people to their better choices. Today, Koff employs those skills to educate on what better nutrition is and is not, and how to make better choices more often to get and keep the better health that we all seek. Koff’s highly successful approach helps people reach their better health goals by identifying and making Better Not Perfect choices, more often.

To help patients (as well as other health educators) reach their personal better health goals, Ashley developed the Better Nutrition Simplified membership with unlimited access to the powerful AKA resources that will help move them forward on their paths to better health. These include her AKA (Assess Keep Act) toolkit with self-evaluation quizzes, lessons, recipes and more and her non-profit AKA (Ashley Koff Approved) database of better products and services (evaluated over 60k products to date). By helping people reduce their information load and by making it more targeted to their lives as well as showing them how to implement it, Ashley is the first nutrition expert to take on a major disease that threatens all our better health – INFObesity!

Whether you meet Ashley in the media on The Dr. Oz Show, The Today Show, Fox or ABC News, or in The New York Times or The Washington Post, or catch her on stage as a keynote speaker, moderator or host, or connect on her award-winning social media platform – which includes her podcast (Take Out with Ashley and Robyn) – or meet her as a patient, you will be delighted, inspired and excited to join her on a Better Not Perfect path to better health for all. She lives in Washington DC with her dog, Rerun, plays the trumpet, is an obsessed basketball fan and loves to fly fish.

“I want to help create a better world, and doing my part means helping everyone get and keep their better health. It’s about making better not perfect choices, more often. I hope you will join me.”

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