Ashley Koff, Registered Dietitian

March 11, 2015
About Ashley

Ashley Koff RD is your better health enabler. When her own frustration with not getting better health results despite “doing everything she was told perfectly” Koff went on a mission to find something better. She discovered better nutrition, and the power it has to help get and keep better health. Then she set out to enable others to get and keep their better health powered by better nutrition. Over two decades as a dietitian, Koff developed better nutrition tools to help her patients and their practitioners get results. Her successful results helped her grow into a leading international resource on Better Nutrition. Today as CEO of The Better Nutrition Program, Koff makes those tools available online as part of The Better Nutrition Membership and during her “Build Your Better Nutrition Plan” workshops for groups (book clubs, schools, organizations and businesses).  A practitioner first, Koff is an award-winning nutrition expert, author, speaker, consultant, spokesperson and advocate. She regularly shares her better nutrition message with millions via national media, social media and co-hosts the podcast “Take Out with Ashley and Robyn.”


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