Better Nutrition Evaluations

Are you guessing what your body needs to run better? STOP. Use these Better Nutrition Evaluations (and The Better Nutrition Plan) to assess what your body really needs to run better. Why is a better nutrition evaluation better? It asks you about your current food, beverages, supplements, medications as well as your current health status and lifestyle. It goes way beyond lab results or what you had to eat or how you are feeling. So, stop guessing or making choices based on only part of what affects your health. Assess you better today. You deserve better!

Better Added Sugar Evaluation

Added sugar… are you getting too much?
If you were what you eat, are you super sweet? While this makes you an awesome person, inside your body could be doing better. Let’s be clear: sugar is not necessarily the better nutrition problem, but how much and how often you consume it will impact your better health. Take this evaluation to see how I can help YOU.

Better Iron Evaluation

Need iron? Eat more spinach! Right, Popeye? If only it were that simple. Although iron is widely available in food sources, like spinach, you may not be getting enough of them or you may not be absorbing enough to give your body the iron it needs to run better. So let’s get started assessing and then I will give you recommendations to make better, not perfect choices, more often to get better iron nutrition.

Better Calcium Evaluation

Got calcium? Or got too much calcium?
Both could be keeping you from your better health results! Whether it’s strong bones, a healthy heart, or better nervous system function – calcium delivers much needed support to our bodies. But how much calcium do we need? What are better calcium choices to make more often?

Better Digestive Evaluation

You are what you digest and absorb. To that end, I always ask my patients to answer the following questions to assess their digestive health and depending on their answers they, and you, may need Better Nutrition Digestive Tune Up.

Better Cholesterol & Heart Health Evaluation

How can you get and keep better heart health? What should you (and your doctor) be assessing and addressing more often? All heart health risk factors are influenced by your nutrition choices– what goes in and on you more often – and giving your heart what it needs to run better. So let’s assess your current nutrition and health, and then give you help to make better, not perfect, heart healthy choices more often.

Better Rainbow Evaluation

What can eating a better Rainbow of fruits and vegetables do for you? Lead you to your pot of gold – the better health results you crave – of course! That’s right, your body wants and needs a variety of colors, from real food, daily. Different colors indicate the different super powers found in plants.

Better Magnesium Evaluation

Our body feels stress at the cellular level. Stress tips off the body physiologically by sending calcium into the cells. When there, the cells are in an “excited” (ie stressed) state. To turn-off stress, to stop the party, to restore calm – well that’s where magnesium comes in to play. Magnesium in your cells kicks the calcium back outside of the cell and in doing so restores calm. Currently, most of our cells aren’t getting enough magnesium ( >60% of US adult diets not meeting magnesium RDA). So your solution is enough Magnesium… is it in you?

Better Iodine Evaluation

When we hear ‘iodine’, most of us think ‘I get it from salt’. That was true in the last century, but not as much today. Iodized salt was created in the ‘20s to help combat iodine deficiency. Today, we eat less iodized salt and many of us don’t get in enough iodine. Low iodine can be a factor in many health issues – low energy, low thyroid (‘hypo’), unhealthy hair and skin, and metabolic challenges. Iodine also plays an important role in pregnancy for brain development and growth. You only need about 150 mcg/day but it is critical that you get that in, so let’s assess your iodine intake and needs!

Better Potassium Evaluation

What can better hydration do for you?
Help you get and keep the better results you seek: better skin, better metabolism, better energy, better digestion, better heart health… and so much that enables better health. So why potassium? Potassium is the better hydration enabler. Potassium works to bring water (and water-soluble nutrients like vitamins Bs, C and antioxidants) into the cells. Potassium works in opposition to sodium; potassium brings water into the cells whereas sodium keeps it outside of your cells. Healthy adults need about 4700 mg/day potassium and most of us come nowhere close to that daily! So are you getting enough potassium? Let’s find out!

Better Protein Evaluation

Protein is super important, it is literally used in every single cell in the body! It supports metabolism, blood sugar regulation, weight management, muscles, energy, mood, immunity, cardiovascular function, hormone production and more. As amazing as protein is for us – too much of anything is, well, too much! Excess protein intake overwhelms the body. Nobody wants to be overwhelmed! Additionally, the type of protein we choose directs whether our body finds it helpful and healthful or challenging, even irritating.

Let’s ASSESS your protein intake: are you making better not perfect protein choices more often so your body has the resources it needs?

Better Vitamin D Evaluation

“Better health from A-Z requires enough D” is more than a cute saying! Vitamin D is actually a hormone critical for helping the body work better. One of its better known duties is to help the body absorb calcium, making it essential for bone health. It is also needed to manage blood sugar levels, help fight against cancer and heart disease, support the immune system, and regulate blood pressure. In order for the body to use this fat soluble nutrient, the liver and kidneys convert it into a usable form, so we need them to be healthy to support this process too. You can get some vitamin D from a few foods like some fish, eggs, and mushrooms, from fortified foods, and from the sun. And yet, getting enough vitamin D from these sources is challenging and even unhealthy (nobody should drink 6-8 glasses of milk a day, nor should you skip sunscreen just to load up on D!). So let’s assess your vitamin D status, and help you get (and keep) better vitamin D levels from better not perfect choices more often.

Better Omega 3 Evaluation

Fat got you confused? For decades we’ve heard different takes on fat – all fat is bad, some fat is good, some fats are great. So much fat information today many of us have fat nutrition whiplash! Let’s get better. Here’s the big fat truth: fats are a big part of your better health solution. In fact, many fats help the body work better not perfect more often! We need fats to burn fat, we need fats to help us absorb key nutrients better, and some fats help promote a healthy inflammatory response. But some fats do interfere with our better health. So how do we know the difference? Our body gives us a big fat hint from the way it works: it can make some fats but others it can not make so they are called “essential” because it is essential we take these in as part of our better nutrition plan. So let’s see if you are getting enough essential omega 3s!

Better Water Evaluation

Your body is made up of approximately 60% water. Your body uses and loses water through most of its work – detoxification, lubrication, temperature regulation, nutrient absorption – so you need to regularly replenish your stores. You can literally see a lot of your water losses through sweating and elimination daily. We’ve all heard the advice to drink 8 glasses of water a day but is 8 glasses is right for you? And how big should your glass be? Let’s assess your better water nutrition!

Better Supplements Evaluation

Gold Membership Required

Better nutrition means giving the body the resources it needs to function, better, daily. This means making better nutrition choices for what goes in your body most often. That includes dietary supplements taken to improve your nutrition, to prevent, manage or treat symptoms. Fill this out and snap pics of your current supplements (ingredient labels and brand names) and submit to me for me to review today. I will respond within 5 business days.

Better Nutrition Food Log

Use this FREE food log to jot down what you have to eat and when, as well as how your day(s) actually go and by using examples of different days, I will help you learn to plan for and make better nutrition choices when your life happens. Submit your food log and I will respond within 5 business days.

Better Checkup Checklist

Enjoy a better checkup and better results when you are better prepared. Download or fill out online and use the Better CheckUp Checklist before, during and after doctors’ appointments.


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