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What does your body really need to run better?

Stop Guessing, Start Assessing!

The better nutrition evaluations help you assess your current (total) nutrition, see what needs attention, and address your needs, better. The other better nutrition tools (menus, lessons, do 1 Thing Better challenges) help you make better, not perfect choices more often. You Deserve Better!



Better Menus

When you know what your body needs to run better, you are half way there! Use the Better Menus to identify delicious, doable ways to make better, not perfect, choices more often. Already doing better? Awesome sauce, these will help you keep doing what you are already doing better, deliciously. You deserve better!

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#Do1ThingBetter Challenge

When you do one thing better for a week, guess what? You have a better week. Let’s get better together! Try this #Do1ThingBetter weekly challenge (nutrition lesson) and learn to make better, not perfect, choices for better health results more often.

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Better Evaluations

How can you know what you need more of or less of or should avoid? Stop guessing, start assessing your current total nutrition with these evaluations to see what your body really needs to run better.

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