The 9 Commandments of Better Nutrition

January 6, 2017
What's Better? (Blog)


We now know that better nutrition fuels better health, but we also get different messages about what is good for us or bad for us every day every minute ! So how do we get that better nutrition, the one that can help us get and keep what we really really want? Well, we can stop listening as often, try to less our INFO load – see my tool for addressing INFObesity; we can also embrace the better adjective … it’s not perfect nutrition, not bad food, not good food, but better food, better supplements, better skincare… it’s better nutrition, and it’s about to get easier for you. I present the 9 Commandments (it’s 9 because 10 would be too “perfect”) of Better Nutrition.

So when you are reading a label or magazine, trekking through Twitter or feeding on Facebook, or watching your favorite dietitian and doctor duo on TV or listening to a podcast, etc etc etc use these commandments to see if the recommendation passes The Better Nutrition test.



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