Become a Better Nutrition Affiliate TODAY!

Become a Better Nutrition Affiliate TODAY!

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With better nutrition tools your patients, clients, colleagues, friends and followers will get & keep their better health results AND your business will do better too!

How Does the Better Nutrition Affiliate Program work & what makes it better for you & your clients / patients / friends / followers: 

1) It’s Easy for You to Share Better Nutrition!

Get your own personalized affiliate link here. Share it with anyone who wants to get better health results powered by better nutrition. When someone uses your affiliate link, you earn $! Sign up here!

2) Your People Get Better Results!

Knowing what their body needs to run better – by using better nutrition tools to assess things like their protein, water, supplements & digestion – helps them make better not perfect choices more often. When they do better, they get better results! Sign up here!

3) You Make Better Money! 

With every affiliate purchase you earn 50% of the total   (excluding shipping costs). Each month that you exceed $100, we will send you a check or pay you via PayPal. Our top two sellers every 6 months get a FREE consultation with Ashley Koff RD (valued at $500). Sign up here!

4) When They Do Better, Your Business Does Better! 

What happens when your people do better? They are grateful! They work with you longer and / or refer you more often, meaning more business for you! Better health powered by better nutrition is Better Business! Sign up here!

5) We Do the Better Nutrition Program Work, You Get the Better Results!

You will receive new better nutrition content and opportunities for you to share with your audience so they are excited to join and get better results! We handle all customer service so all you need to do is share your affiliate link, we will take it from there. Sign up here!

6) You Get Exclusive Better Nutrition Access! 

Got better nutrition questions? Want help growing your business? Join me for quarterly better nutrition affiliate calls to answer better nutrition, better business questions to help you get the better results you crave! Sign up here!

7) We All Win with Better Nutrition! 

We all win when we enable someone’s better health! I am thrilled to provide my proven better nutrition tools, tips and resources to help you enable better health in your community. Together, we enjoy better health, better businesses and better lives. Sign up here!

Your Better Health Enablers,
Ashley & The Better Nutrition Team


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