Your Current Nutrition & Needs

When it comes to your nutrition, discover what is already better and what could be better? Use the Better Evaluations & The Better Nutrition Plan to help you assess your nutrition today.

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What's Already Better

What are you already doing better? What choices are you making more often that match The Better Nutrition Plan? Keep what’s already better as the base of your better nutrition plan.

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Better Not Perfect More Often

Better nutrition comes by making better not perfect choices more often. My Better Menus, 1ThingBetterChallenge & Better Recipes will help you enjoy better choices that work in your life.

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Better Nutrition Membership Tools

Better Evaluations

How can you know what you need more of or less of or should avoid? Use these better evaluations to help you assess your current total nutrition and what your body needs more often.

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Featured Evaluation
The Better Water Evaluation

Your body is made up of approximately 60% water. Your body uses and loses water through most of its work – detoxification, lubrication, temperature regulation, nutrient absorption – so you need to regularly replenish your stores. You can literally see a lot of your water losses through sweating and elimination daily. We’ve all heard the advice to drink 8 glasses of water a day but is 8 glasses is right for you? And how big should your glass be? Let’s assess your better water nutrition!


Better Menus

Better nutrition better be delicious! Now that you know what you need more of, use these better menus for better nutrition pit stop ideas, or follow for a week, to get better nutrition, deliciously!

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Featured Menu
A Better Menu: Magnesium

Somewhere around 60-80% (depending on your age, gender) of US diets don’t meet the RDA (recommended daily allowance) for magnesium. That’s the minimum to get the body the amount of the CALM enabling nutrient that it needs to function. Download this menu for a seven day meal plan designed to give you examples of how you can have delicious food that will deliver enough daily magnesium for men and women regardless of your age. Check out my Better Magnesium Evaluation too and let me help you stress less on your way to better health.


Do1ThingBetter Challenges

Want better results? Do 1 thing better and, guess what, you get a better result. Stop with the should’s, and do 1 thing better each week with my help - I challenge you!

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Featured Challenge
Make Your H2O Status Better

H2O is one of our body’s most critical resources. Water does so many different things that you never want it to be in short supply. And yet, for decades, I’ve heard “I am not good about my water.” So let’s learn to do water better together!




Featured Recipe

Better Dairy-Free Hot Chocolate

Why it's Better The Recipe

When it’s cold outside and you need some vroom vroom or when you are wanting to be cozy inside, thanks to adaptogen reishi & cacao’s magnesium, this hot cocoa will do you better. Text LIQUID123 to 44222 for more better liquid nutrition tips.

2 Tbsp organic cacao powder
1 tsp reishi mushroom powder
6 oz unsweetened homemade cashew milk (or store bought)
4 drops stevia

Combine powders in your mug. Warm milk in a steamer or on stove top (do not boil). Pour warm milk into powder while using a matcha whisk (or a fork) to rapidly combine the mixture. Taste. Add stevia to desired sweetness. Sip and enjoy!


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