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Get Mom Energy! Ashley Koff RDs New Book For Women

Want Energy? Get “Mom Energy” with this new book from Ashley Koff RD and Kathy Kaehler …we greatly appreciate your support in sharing this announcement with your communities. Please contact us if you would like more information about the book, interviews, or promotional activities ( Product Description From celebrated dietitian Ashley Koff and fitness […]

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Why Hemp?

Hemp history week event in NYC features Ashley Koff RD with Supermarket guru Phil Lempert discussing why you should consider hemp as a food, bodycare, and product source. Click on the link below:

Catch Ashley Koff RD weekly in this new show on Lifetime

Love Handles, set to launch in May, an hour-long docu-series from executive producer SallyAnn Salsano (Jersey Shore) featuring a dual transformation of overweight couples as they attempt to save their lives and relationships by confronting what lies at the core of the emotional, dietary and physical issues deeply affecting their well-being.  Lifetime has ordered eight […]

Earth Day Event At Akasha

Akasha has asked Ashley to introduce a few unique products that she deems “Earth Day Worthy”. Not open to the public. This is an Invite-Only Media and Tastemaker’s Event.

The Freshii15 Menu

Not all fast food is created equal. Fast food should be quality food that tastes good and delivers balanced nutrients for sustained energy. But so often fast food is crap food; highly processed food where one sacrifices nutrition for convenience, or the excuse of convenience. When I met the folks at Freshii and learned about […]

Happy Belly Bags

Want a flat belly, beautiful skin, sustained energy? The secret begins at the core with nutrition that helps create a Happy Belly.   Whenever I begin work with a patient, I ask about their digestive system and any issues will alert me to what we have to work on first. Why? Because without a happy belly, […]

Shedding for the Wedding

9 engaged couples – this should be the time of their lives…and yet. When I met with the medical team and trainers, I learned, “these guys aren’t just overweight – they are young and they are sick.” And so my first day began with Shedding for the Wedding. It sounds easy – take the couples […]