Crunch time? Ashley’s got options

When it comes to satisfaction, a lot of times all we need is a good crunch. Yet keeping the “good” in ‘good crunch’ can be challenging in stores and often cupboards stocked with less good quality crunch options. Here are some ideas for Crunch Time: Jicama – toss it in lime juice and cayenne pepper […]

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Better health & weight begins with better digestion,Ashley shares tips here

When it comes to nutrition blunders resulting in poor energy, I first point my finger at historic nutrition education. You see, for many years, nutrition has taught us to think about fueling up our bodies in the wrong way. Mistake: Daily intake matters Ideas such as: how many DAILY calories, how many DAILY grams of […]

Are your kids or partner your excuse?Ashley confronts a common health trap …

Are you a parent struggling with your weight? Does this scenario sound familiar? During the day at work or running around with the kids, you are the picture of healthy eating and self control (“I’d never have a cookie when I give my son one after school or as dessert”). Yet, come bed time – […]

What are you? Ashley asks…

I get asked this question all the time – in relation to my diet -whether its in my office or in the media or out with strangers. It seems that diet labels say a lot about a person these days. Vegan? Vegetarian? Type of Vegetarian?? My initial response was to say “labels are stupid, I […]

The AKA High Pro bar recipe as seen on Better TV

Ingredients: 3 scoops Wholesome Chow High Protein pancake mix 1 ripe organic banana, mashed 3 cups So Delicious unsweetened vanilla coconut milk ½ cup Nature’s Path Qi’a cereal 1 cup Tcho superberry drinking chocolate crumbles ¾ cup organic raisins ½ cup Manitoba Harvest hemp hearts Spectrum cooking oil spray or coconut oil 8×8 baking pan […]

We are all athletes…inside…Ashley shares what we all need for optimal performance

I’m a huge fan of Natural Calm magnesium and the other products from Peter Gillham (Organic Life Vitamins (OLV), OsteoCalm, Natural Calm Sport (was called Calm+Calcium), NutraRev, Energy28, and their Kid’s Multi) for their high quality ingredients and proven results. While I don’t work with as many pro-athletes today as I did earlier in my […]

"Fight The Good Fight" with Ashley Koff RD

“Fight The Good Fight” with Ashley Koff RD

Get double the health power. Ashley shares her wonder twin powers that form of better health for you and your family.

With so many supplements on the market today, one question I get (or one that I often point out) is does the form of the vitamin – tablet, capsule, liquid, powder, spray – matter? My answer – indeed, yes! I spend a lot of time explaining that the type of nutrient in a supplement matters […]

Per Ashley, the secrets to better health should be in your freezer

With the economy, food safety issues, and time efficiency all on everyone’s mind, the freezer offers one of our best tools for nutrition for optimal health. Get freezer savvy with the following tips. Did you know that whether its fruit, vegetables, fish etc. they are frozen right when they are picked and washed or right […]