Ashley answers the Big Fat question

Your Asked Ashley: I read the recent Time magazine article about how I can now eat fat. Question, do I need to change what I put on top of my yogurt now that I am adding the fat back – and should I do lowfat or full fat yogurt? Great question! First, fat isn’t “back” […]

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Ashley Koff RD’s Qualitarian Shake:

Whether you are making your own, having someone else make it or buying a pre-made shake or smoothie, here’s what you should keep in mind to make sure your liquid choice delivers on optimal nutrition and taste. What is a ‘Shake’?: Provides quality nutrition in the liquid form and can be consumed at any time […]

A “Better” BBQ

Brought to you by Better BBQ lovers AKA and Tori Holthaus, MS, RD Flags, freedom, and family – the Fourth of July buzzwords that everyone knows and loves. Another one: barbecue. But “’healthy barbecue” …likely, not so much. We’ve all been there – we prepare a dish, proudly tell our posse “it’s healthy,” and they […]

Give Me 1 Reason to Rhubarb…

Recently, I was enjoying Qualitarian paradise on Waiheke – an island off the main north island of New Zealand- where my daily breakfast included the most amazing rhubarb ginger vanilla medley. To be honest, I’ve never been a “rhubarb gal” but these morning bites straight from their organic garden where rhubarb runneth over really changed […]

Go Fish! Or ‘How I Became a Qualitarian and Why You Should Be Too”

When it comes to food and diet, what label are you? Paleo? Vegan? Juicer? Pescatarian? These days it seems that your diet label says as much about you as your favorite sports team or favorite singer or TV show. Are you, like so many of my patients, someone who has tried one or all of […]

When To Go Organic

Recently, my intern, Rachel Silverman at NYU, asked me about a question that I get so often – what did I think of when to “go organic” – so in typical AKA teaching fashion, I turned the question back on her. Here’s her response and I’ve included a couple of thoughts as well – those […]

Why the latest news on Splenda is not Splendid

Why the latest news on Splenda is not Splendid Today my reporter friend asked me to comment on a press release (see below) about Splenda for a potential news story. Here are my thoughts: Nutrition science studies, even the good ones, have the challenge of trying to see how a food – or in this […]

Ashley’s Urban Fitness 911 Program Gets Cooking

I was happy to be back in LA this weekend, soak up the west coast sunshine and continue my work with Urban Fitness 911. UF911 is a collaboration with me, Gunnar Peterson and John Salley to bring health education where it’s not currently happening starting with LA’s Dorsey High students and a few homeless shelters. […]

Roses are red,violets are blue,I’m a Qualitarian – are you?

For years, people would routinely pose the same question me “so what are you?” Pretty sure that people are clear that I’m a brunette, a female, even that I’m a dietitian (though sometimes they confuse that with a nutritionist – sorry folks, I have a license and the educate years and internship to show for […]

1,2,3,4…not 5,cups of coffee a day will…

Did I just hear right? Indeed I did. I caught a moment of the news and the anchor was covering a new study touting these results – and later, after a quick online search, I learned that this anchor wasn’t alone – many were covering the “4 cup a day, keep diabetes away” story. Here’s […]