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Better Liquid Nutrition

In the form of juices, smoothies, soups, and shots, so many of us are turning to liquid nutrition at different points in our days. So is liquid nutrition good? Is drinking a salad the same as eating one? And if so, why? Are some liquid options better than others? The answer – not surprising – […]

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Better Pre/Post Workout Nutrition, Simplified- MaliBoot Camp


#AskAshleyKoffRD: Food suggestions for frequent travellers /allergens

Question: I travel a lot and am allergic to dairy, eggs, and gluten. I never seem to be able to come up with a breakfast option that’s good for me – any ideas? Answer: Traveling can make it hard to find better for you foods, period. So when you have foods you need to avoid […]

Hemp Hearts for Heart Health. What your heart needs, it may not be getting enough of.

When it comes to taking care of our hearts nutritionally, Hemp Hearts top the list as they deliver nutrients the heart needs to function at its best – and one nutrient in particular that’s receiving a lot of attention (finally!) for its role in heart health. In other posts we’ve discussed Hemp Hearts being a […]

My History with Hemp

As a qualitarian (someone who chooses the better quality choice at each eating occasion), discovering hemp opened up many food option doors to me all at once. I wanted to take this opportunity to share my history with hemp, which two yeas ago led to my endorsement of Hemp History Week.   Quality proteins: hemp […]

Hemp M&Ms?

No this isn’t a new candy! But it’s equally worth celebrating. Hemp provides two key minerals important for anyone in their daily diet.   Magnesium: this critical nutrient can be deemed “Mother Nature’s muscle relaxant” because it helps muscles turn off their contraction enabling relaxation. This means it helps reduce headaches, constipation, stress, cramps and […]

What would be your recommendations for a hemp weight loss diet?

Thanks for this great question. Before I lay out my suggestions, I want to clarify a few of the terms, however, so that we are all on the same page. First, weight loss is an effective manner to improve one’s health; but healthy weight loss is a) the kind that occurs at a pace the […]

Summer Sporting: Here’s What You Need

Whether a professional athlete or someone who is taking their sport training up a notch or two, summer means paying extra attention to a few key areas of your nutrition so that you not only get the most out of your performance but also recover optimally.   #1 Hydration: Heat means sweating, and this translates […]

“Hemp for Every Diet”

Paleo One of the criticisms of this diet approach is a reliance on animal products so hemp as a source of quality proteins and essential fatty acids make it a great fit. Additionally, hemp provides fiber and magnesium which can help with muscle recovery (Paleo is a favorite amongst CrossFit folks) and elimination of toxins […]

Better Nutrition IS Simple: Here’s How to Reduce Your Sugar Load AND Enjoy Your Favorite Drinks & Desserts

Here’s hoping you’ve been hearing the buzz about sugar – specifically how consuming too much added sugar daily is at the core of much of our weight and health problems. Maybe you’ve even seen the film, Fed Up, which takes a look at how excess added sugar or the quick “fix” of artificial sweeteners are equally doing us no health favors. Are you Fed Up enough […]