Supplements to Optimize Weight Loss/ Body Composition

While no supplement can enable weight loss in the absence of a healthy diet, being active, and getting good sleep, there are some nutrients that can help to enable more effective and efficient weight loss, especially fat loss. Some say “we are what we eat” but actually “we are what we digest and absorb” and […]

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Cruciferous Concern?!

Lynda asked: I have just read your article in foods affecting the production of TSH. I have had all of my thyroid removed about 30 years ago and am on medication. Is there an issue for me eating kale and cauliflower? I am presently on the Dukan diet (short term only) and am eating both […]

Ashley Ashley Koff RD: If I’m stuck with convenience stores and/or ‘fast-food’ restaurants as the only options, what do you recommend?

Question I’m busy – I don’t want that to be an excuse – but with work and the kids and my husband travels a lot for work, I really find it hard to pack, much less make, healthy snacks or find a quality restaurant or grocery store when on the go. So it may offend […]

This weeks “Ask Ashley Koff RD”- What is a B Corporation?

#AskAshleyKoffRD What is a B Corporation? Is it a health standard like organic or is it more like C and S corp (for taxes)? I am so confused – please let me know if it’s something ELSE I should look for. – Stacy Hey Stacy I had the SAME question – so I reached out […]

It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, It’s BroccoLeaf!

Introducing the new veg that’s so good for you AND good tasting it’s even got Popeye rethinking spinach! I’m thrilled to introduce you to something deliciously nutritiously worthy of all our attention! Organic BroccoLeaf Unlike other veggies that took scientists 15 years to “perfect” in their lab (ahem, Kalette) the organic BroocoLeaf has been sitting […]

Ready, Aim, Fire… Bulletproof Coffee – Does It Hit The Mark?

—- Amy Fischer RD guest blogger How far from Tibet is your coffee house? How many Yaks have you seen today? Here’s the problem: Tibetans add butter to their tea and gain great-sustained energy from it. We don’t have Yaks handy, and many of us are coffee drinkers. Solution? Put something into coffee, that mimics […]

Ashley’s Hemp Pro 70 recipes

Nuts about chocolate pudding (makes two 1/4 cup servings) All ingredients should be organic 1/2 cup organic greek yogurt 3 tablespoons Manitoba hemp pro 70 Chocolate 2 tablespoons unsweetened applesauce (or for more flavor try one half of a mashed banana) 2 tablespoons unsweetened almond milk 2 tablespoons peanut butter (if your peanut butter is […]

Ask Ashley Koff RD Question of the Week

Help! I’m not technically overweight but I keep noticing my belly getting bigger no matter what I eat (or don’t) and how much I work out. I’m so frustrated! – Tawny Hi Tawny I hear you loud and clear – there’s nothing worse than feeling like you are doing the right things and not getting […]

The AKA Digestive Tune Up

You are what you eat – well, not actually. You actually are what you digest and absorb. To that end, I always ask my patients to answer the following questions to assess their digestive health (ideally weekly) and depending on their answers they, and you, may need The AKA Digestive Tune-UP. The AKA Digestive Assessment […]

“Ask Ashley Koff RD”- Thoughts on Kalettes – The New Kale/Brussels Sprouts

“Thoughts on Kalettes – the new kale/Brussels sprouts combo coming out this fall. Frankenfood or genius nutrition?” Colleen Great question! It appears that this UK “Flower Sprouts” which has crossed The Pond was designed (developers report 15 yrs of toiling to perfect) to meet a SERIOUS need – “The inspiration behind Kalettes came from a […]