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When the goal is weight gain… This week’s Ask Ashley Koff RD comes from Matthew via Facebook

When it comes to weight gain, it can feel like the loneliest, least supported project out there – I know because I have had many clients with this goal – whether battling weight loss from a disease, being slight or having less lean body mass then they desired, or those who need to gain weight […]

HealthiER Holiday Habits – A Better Nutrition Checklist for the Holiday Season

By Tori Holthaus RD and Ashley Koff RD With the kickoff of the holiday season, you may be wondering how you’re going to maintain your health among the gingerbread cookies, snowy days, and holiday hustle. At AKA, we understand that the holidays can wreck havoc on normal eating habits, digestion, sleep, and stress, so check-in […]

Can I have soup – I am so confused – should it be my meal or do I eat something with it? Doesn’t it have too much salt?

It’s getting cold out there so this is such a timely question! Here’s the Soup Situation: 1) Soup is liquid nutrition (just like juices)- that’s great from a digestive standpoint as it means you don’t have to do as much work to get the quality nutrients that can be in a soup. This is why […]

Hot on the Scene: Thirteen Reasons to Bean

By Tori Holthaus RD & Ashley Koff RD Lately, the bean – a nutrient-dense legume full of healthy carbohydrates, fiber, and protein – has been getting some well-deserved attention. Several bean and bean-based products are now hitting the market, including bean chips, bean pastas, bean cereals, and different bean spreads. We agree they are worthy, […]

Sip Your Way Slim with Ashley’s Easy Liquid Nutrition tips

Less is More – a beverage with natural sugar should be no bigger than 6 oz (juice, milk etc) or no more than 15g total carbohydrate for the serving YOU DRINK Drink aspirationally – wouldn’t you rather be ‘tall’ than ‘grande’? When life gives you lemons, make lemonade – water, lemons/lemon juice, stevia or 1 […]

Post-Sweet Holiday Recovery Plan

Having trouble bouncing back after a sweet holiday – here are some tips 1) Eat!: seriously, don’t skip meals or nutrition pit stops or hunger/blood sugar dropping will likely be the cause of your next sugar-craving sugar-eating upside … Aim for a pit stop every 3 hours 2) Get balanced – nutrient-wise: dont skip carbs […]

Ask Ashley Koff RD- How do you feel about sushi…brown rice?

Thanks for asking – I am a big fan of Qualitarian sushi and therein lies my answer. Here’s what you want to consider before you sushi 1) To fish or not to fish: depends on the quality of the fish. Making the right fish choices depends on what the fish has and does NOT have. […]

Ask Ashley Koff RD- “What should(& not) a young athlete take”

This week’s #AskAshleyKoffRD comes from a comment on an Instagram post – thanks @fromalpha2samson for this question: “I am looking for some good products a young athlete can take. All natural. I want to be able to read and understand all the ingredients, what do you recommend?” I love this question so much and have […]

Are you a (Health) Oxymoron?

Congrats! You are checking labels, choosing organic produce and meats, avoiding chemistry lab project ingredients in your snacks and beverages, and overall upping the ante of the quality of your diet. But is your body getting healthier? If you answered yes, and I were to pop up in your bathroom, under your kitchen sink, on […]