Supplement Smackdown – are yours safe?

Uh oh – is that a mood-boosting supplement or a bottle of asparagi dust?! NY state authorities put supplements from GNC, Target, Walmart and Walgreens through the test – and the results are not good. This recent bust has my phone ringing off the hook with requests for interviews – all with the same question […]

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Ask Ashley Koff RD- Is coconut sugar basically sugar?

#AskAshleyKoffRD Question: Is coconut sugar basically sugar? Is it better for you or just another sugar like honey, maple syrup, etc.? Answer: Yvonne – if it calls itself sugar it’s actually being more honest than most [have you seen Refiner’s syrup or wild palm syrup or “milks” sweetened with loads of dates?]. So the answer […]

5 foods that are Heart UNhealthy & what to replace them with

February – the month we celebrate our hearts – the physical ones and their awesome emotional capabilities. So rest assured there’s no shortage of marketing messages about what’s “heart healthy” and some of it is well, just plain wrong. Here’s my top 5 offenders – don’t believe their hype, choose my real deals instead. 1) […]

Ask Ashley Koff RD- Food and the Winter Woes

Question: I have a hard time in the winter. I am not sure if it’s the cold or the darkness or what but I feel like I struggle more to eat good for me foods and to be active. Any help MUH APPRECIATED! Answer: Dear Winter Woes You are so not alone! It’s actually all […]

Ask Ashley Koff RD- “I’m looking for a prenatal, what do you recommend?” Beth

So glad you reached out as supplement shopping can always seem complicated but especially when you are considering or already are creating a new life. When it comes to a prenatal there are two goals – yes 2! You may already be in mommy-mode and thinking about doing everything right by your baby, but that […]

The Hottest Drink of 2015 & AKA’s Recipe

Just left Fancy Foods show where I had fun and worked hard as an official trend spotter for the show. While some of our favorites were still going strong – coconut, quinoa, quality gluten free, chocolate – there was a definite winning trend… and with good reason. Spice super hero Turmeric took center stage – […]

#AskAshleyKoffRD: Belching, bloating, breathing pains – what the B is going on?!

You wrote in and shared some information including the below and this week I wanted to help, as you my friend, are SO not alone. “I just had a upper endoscopy procedure for the belching problem, result was I have hiatal hernia. Any advice. Thank You” The body uses whatever it can to get our […]

It’s not getting hot outside, so here’s why your food & drink should be!

It’s National Tea & Oatmeal Months so let’s talk all things hot such as whole grain breakfast bowls, hot teas, soups and spices. When external temps drop it’s important for immune health and metabolism to keep the body warm inside. At AKA we are big fans of warming it up with organic goodness like these […]

Why that Cleanse, Detox, Reset, or any other New Year, New You “plan” Won’t Work Long-Term

You did it. You purged your house of all the sugar. You bought the veggies to juice or you ordered the veggie juice (organic? Even better!).  Maybe you are doing an eat to detox plan – like my organic one launching with Nature’s Path ( 1/12/15. You signed up for the gym, the classes, maybe […]

Ask Ashley Koff RD- In your opinion which are the top five supplements that men should take everyday?

Thanks for your question Carlos but to answer it would mean I think all men have the same nutritional needs – and that’s, well, a huge, unhealthy, oversimplification. Your supplement needs are impacted by your sex certainly, but more so your health status, your life stage (not just your age), your family history, your actual […]