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A “Better” BBQ

Brought to you by Better BBQ lovers AKA and Tori Holthaus, MS, RD Flags, freedom, and family – the Fourth of July buzzwords that everyone knows and loves. Another one: barbecue. But “’healthy barbecue” …likely, not so much. We’ve all been there – we prepare a dish, proudly tell our posse “it’s healthy,” and they […]

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4 cups a day(of Joe), keeps diabetes away! Really??

Did I just hear right? Indeed I did. I caught a moment of the news and the anchor was covering a new study touting these results – and later, after a quick online search, I learned that this anchor wasn’t alone – many were covering the “4 cup a day, keep diabetes away” story. Here’s […]

Does VIP Travel Now Include Customizing Your Meal?

Recently, on a trip touring the food and beverages of Aspen, Co, I had an ironic moment when an old Burger King ad jingle popped into my head at one of Aspen’s, and the world’s, most renowned restaurants, Mastuhisa. What in the world could an exquisite restaurant sourcing high quality and unique ingredients for both […]

Its Back: The AKA New Year, Healthier You Cleanse:

Whether you overdid it or not, the New Year seems to spark the desire in everyone to clean up their act. But what of the cleanses we read about – are they healthy, do they work, what if I don’t have the $500 a week or more to go to one or have one delivered […]

What Is ‘Raw’ Food? Is There Cause for Concern?

Stephen Colbert hightlights Raw Dairy Raid in Venice, CA and it begs the question: Why are some people: celebs, athletes, and not-so-local folks enduring LA traffic and paying to join a private club (Rawesome) so they can consume these products? Before The Raid Rawesome was just a local private food club selling some of the […]

Winter Woes: Tips to Overcome Dehydration & Prevent Colds

Winter is here. We see it in our skin, hair and nails – the dryness, and the resulting little cracks that will prove to be excellent entrance ways for bad bugs that can lead to winter colds. How do we spell protection against winter dryness and colds? HYDRATION Sometimes hydration is only thought of as […]


December, the 12th month of the year…the time when holidays can create a holidaze leaving even the most health committed person saying, “I’ll get back on track in the New Year.” Well, we all know what putting off for tomorrow what we should do today can do for our health, our energy, our skin and […]

Vitamin D is for Dangerous???

In a never-ending cycle of “we say it’s good today, then we say it’s bad tomorrow” the recent raising of the vitamin D daily recs, while acknowledging the need to increase levels in Americans, confuses consumers with a concern about whether to supplement and what levels are actually best. The following review on the matter […]

Study finds best results from higher protein, low GI diet – what’s it mean for you?

And what did this author get wrong, nutritionally speaking? Check out the LA Times article here: In this article they reference a recent diet study whose results make good nutrition sense. I also wanted to further add support to the article with this video – I had the opportunity to sit down with Australia’s […]

Should RDs Prescribe Organic?

To help answer this issue, Ashley Koff RD created and moderated a panel at this year’s American Dietetic Association conference (FNCE) in Boston. The panel, sponsored by Earthbound Farm, Nature’s Path, Native, and Stonyfield Farms included an introductory video: [youtube=] where each company discussed why they are committed to organic food and then opened up […]