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Is there anything that can help me stop craving sweets in the afternoon?!! Sugar Addict

Great question, SA, and the answer is YES! Our energy naturally drops mid-afternoon, but that shouldn’t produce sugar cravings, unless: a 1) You didn’t get enough or quality sleep the night before. Yep, your sleep has everything to do with 2pm runs for the candy bowl or coffee shop the next day! For better sleep […]

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Holiday Happy and Healthy starts at your core

The holidays are upon us and that means everything from added stress to added portions or sips (hopefully not too often) as well as bites and tastes of things you don’t eat or sip on the rest of the year. It’s also getting colder, drier, less daylight, and … Oh my! No wonder getting through […]

AskAshleyKoffRD: I’m trying to eat less meat but I’m worried about feeling satisfied with my meals. Any ideas?

  AskAshleyKoffRD: I’m trying to eat less meat but I’m worried about feeling satisfied with my meals. Any ideas? x First, congrats on your effort! Second, you bet I have ideas (and also loads of “pit stops” for you to try)  aaaaa 1) Less is not zero – You can get the meat flavor […]

Don’t High Five & Other Tips For Better Health These Holidays.

. As a dietitian I tend to focus on foods and nutrients that help you get and keep better health. But with travel, parties, and dropping temps there’s a few key things you can do that aren’t a bite or sip. a Elbow bump vs High Five: I want you to celebrate your accomplishments and […]

How to Winterize Your Liquid Nutrition

The temps are dropping, or have dropped, and even if you live somewhere where it’s not that dramatic of a drop, the shorter days alone signal the changes winter brings. Your body feels those changes intensely, so just as it’s important to change your wardrobe, it’s key to shift your food choices and ingredients for […]

How Sweet It Should Be

AKA Better Sweet Nutrition, Simplified While the question for many on Halloween weekend is “trick OR treat,” unfortunately the more accurate phrase is “tricks AND treats” because quite frank(enstien)ly, that’s what many of the products in the marketplace are.  They are tricks masked as treats.  But the point of this blog is not to be sour.  Rather, […]

Ask Ashley Koff RD- Green Tea or kombucha?!

Hi Ashley. I am an avid green tea drinker for the taste and it’s the healthiest thing on earth but is kombucha better for me? Hi JS Today we have a problem – and your question gets at it perfectly.  Is kombucha better for you than green tea, you ask? No. Yes. Maybe. Seriously, I […]

#Ask Ashley Koff RD- How can a person be frugal and eat healthy ????

I eat & drink for the health not for the taste because good health is important to me but the stuff that’s kills you taste so good plus it cost less. I’m spending an arm and leg eating organics at whole foods which is way better for my health!! How can a person be frugal […]

Better Breast Cancer Survivor Nutrition, Simplified

What Patients and Caregivers Need to Know Its been an honor to meet Shauna Martin and learn her story. When life gave her (and her sister) breast cancer – she made organic greens juices (as well as other life adjustments) and took to supporting young survivors in her community. I became truly inspired by the […]

Sign up for The Microbiome Solution Workshop and get 10% Off!  or use code AKMBSW Who Should Attend The Microbiome Solution Workshops are designed specifically for people suffering from an imbalanced microbiome – a condition known as dysbiosis. Total value: $2515 You pay: $1000 with an extra 10% off using Ashley’s link or code. Workshop Value 1) Lectures from Nationally Recognized Experts $500 value • […]