Why the latest news on Splenda is not Splendid

Why the latest news on Splenda is not Splendid Today my reporter friend asked me to comment on a press release (see below) about Splenda for a potential news story. Here are my thoughts: Nutrition science studies, even the good ones, have the challenge of trying to see how a food – or in this […]

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Ashley’s Urban Fitness 911 Program Gets Cooking

I was happy to be back in LA this weekend, soak up the west coast sunshine and continue my work with Urban Fitness 911. UF911 is a collaboration with me, Gunnar Peterson and John Salley to bring health education where it’s not currently happening starting with LA’s Dorsey High students and a few homeless shelters. […]

Roses are red,violets are blue,I’m a Qualitarian – are you?

For years, people would routinely pose the same question me “so what are you?” Pretty sure that people are clear that I’m a brunette, a female, even that I’m a dietitian (though sometimes they confuse that with a nutritionist – sorry folks, I have a license and the educate years and internship to show for […]

1,2,3,4…not 5,cups of coffee a day will…

Did I just hear right? Indeed I did. I caught a moment of the news and the anchor was covering a new study touting these results – and later, after a quick online search, I learned that this anchor wasn’t alone – many were covering the “4 cup a day, keep diabetes away” story. Here’s […]

Oh yeah,if animals get all their protein needs met from plants,heres why we should be good too

If you are a Vegan, a Vegetarian or a Qualitarian (like me) you’re eating right for optimal health by reducing your intake of animal proteins and fats, and when consuming them, having the best quality.  But how do friends, parents, and even healthcare practitioners react? A lot of my clients tell me that despite the […]

On the go protein ideas

In the last decade, we’ve seen new aisles created in grocery stores, natural product expos, and in magazines as they cover the latest and debate the greatest in protein concoctions such as powders, shakes and bars. So what’s the scoop? Let’s start by looking at sources, then forms, and finally rationales to determine what’s good […]

Black Friday Just Got An AKA (Ashley Koff Approved) Makeover

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No exercise required…just these vitamins

Exercise carries negative connotations for many people – its a have to, another item on the list, and it may feel uncomfortable or painful. Conversely, if we aim to include my favorite vitamins (read more in Recipes for IBS or my blog) in the day we will get the benefits of exercise without having to […]

Super foods you really need

Seen this title anywhere lately? Well, I have! Whether its popular magazines, book titles, TV segments etc it seems that the Top 10-20 “super foods” are the nutrition topic of the moment. Here’s the thing, while many of these foods are good, even great for us, their “super-ness” doesn’t hold a candle to some basic […]

Teen(and adult) angst:but why do I have to eat my veggies?Ashley answers

Excerpt from a recent interview with Ashley Koff RD (read more at Teen Recently I learned that less than ten percent of teens are not getting the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables. Many teens may think it’s no big deal to eat mostly processed foods and snacks rather than fruits and vegetables. Are […]