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Ask Ashley Koff RD: I love to eat pizza, Can we have it? What do we need to know? Can vegan pizza be healthy?

Hey Ashley, I love to eat pizza and my family loves to have it, but I am stuck between feeling like its a bad option and hearing it’s a health food. Help! Can we have it? What do we need to know? Can vegan pizza be healthy? I have a meat lover in the house […]

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Avoid GMOs for Better Nutrition, Simplified! Here’s Ashley’s Better NonGMO Nutrition Simplified Shopping Guide

Top 10 Nutrition Name No You Didn’ts

Reading labels is a skill we encourage all our clients to learn – after all, how can one get better nutrition simplified if they don’t understand the simple (or, in most cases, complex) ingredients that are in their food? But, reading just the front of the package doesn’t cut it in most cases. In fact, […]

Better Breakfast Nutrition Simplified

In the 80’s we learned that breakfast was the most important meal of the day, in the 90’s we learned it needed to have fiber, be fat-free and provide foods like cereal, milk, juice, fruit and even toast (holy carb bomb batman!). The new century brought us gluten-free, plant-based, a desire for nutrients from food […]

Is it “A persistent health myth” that we need 8 glasses of water?

I get excited when a healthcare provider gets a nutrition or health article front and center in any publication, so I was happy to see and optimistic to read an article in last week’s New York Times… then I read it. I have to share my thoughts. Curious to get yours – especially from my […]

Stressed? Your Nutrition Game Plan

It’s the increase in blood pressure you get when you’re running late. It’s the gasp you make when you realize you made a mistake, the tension when traffic is at a standstill, and the anxiety you get when trying something new for the first time. It’s also an enabler of the positives in your lives, […]

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Better Back to School Nutrition, Simplified

Because Back to School shouldn’t be Back to Stress, especially when it comes to what you and your family eat. Here’s our Better Back to School Nutrition, Simplified guide. Click Below!  

Ask Ashley Koff RD- I see you like to go walking and hiking. Any good ideas for what I should take with me?

Question: I see from your social media that you like to go walking and hiking. I am trying to do more of that too. Any good ideas for what I should take with me (food-wise)? — Kyla Answer: Hey Kyla So glad you asked this question – I actually just discussed this so click here […]

What should my dad eat? This week’s Ask Ashley answers what’s Better Men’s Nutrition, Simplified?!

Ask Ashley: Hi! I’m trying to help my dad eat healthier. I’m home from college and took a nutrition course at school so I am really focused on eating better and my dad said he would try. But I’m really confused about what he should eat. I read that he needs selenium but not calcium. […]