Ask Ashley Koff RD- “What should(& not) a young athlete take”

This week’s #AskAshleyKoffRD comes from a comment on an Instagram post – thanks @fromalpha2samson for this question: “I am looking for some good products a young athlete can take. All natural. I want to be able to read and understand all the ingredients, what do you recommend?” I love this question so much and have […]

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Are you a (Health) Oxymoron?

Congrats! You are checking labels, choosing organic produce and meats, avoiding chemistry lab project ingredients in your snacks and beverages, and overall upping the ante of the quality of your diet. But is your body getting healthier? If you answered yes, and I were to pop up in your bathroom, under your kitchen sink, on […]

Ask Ashley Koff RD: “Organic Approved Natural Flavor?”

“Saw a new ingredient on an organic ‘spread’if you will…that said “organic approved natural flavor”. Thought I need to Ask Ashley Koff what THAT is ;)” – Val Thanks Val, great question and how confusing, eh?! Wouldn’t “organic” flavors be those that come from organic fruits, veggies, herbs and spices?! I thought maybe this was […]

All I need to know about Halloween I learned from the Qualitarian Nutrition Plan

Consider the four pillars of the Qualitarian nutrition plan ( ) when deciding how to treat yourself and others sweetly at Halloween. Quantity – you can have some, just not lots and still enjoy the treat. In fact they say the first few bites are the only ones we really register so go for bite-sized […]

“Ask Ashley Koff RD” Question Of The Week

I am a 53 year old female, going through menopause. I do not have the healthiest lifestyle.  I do not exercise and could eat healthier.  I could lose 10-15 lbs, but not extremely overweight. I suffer from severe anxiety (fight or flight 24/7), which I can’t seem to shut off. I was recently diagnosed with […]

Let’s break it down: New study shows benefit of the broccoli phytonutrient – sulforaphane – on treating autism symptoms

 If you’ve ever been touched by someone who has autism, then I’m sure this new study from researchers at Johns Hopkins University and the University of Massachusetts Medical School made you pause today. Let’s break it down, so it’s a little easier to understand: This randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial explored whether 18-week daily supplementation […]

Eat or Drink your organic BroccoLeaf as seen on Good Day Chicago

Massaged Broccoleaf Salad Recipe PREP TIME: 10 mins | TOTAL TIME: 10 mins Serves: 4 INGREDIENTS • 1 large bunch of Broccoleaf, de-stemmed and torn or chopped into pieces • ¼ teaspoon fine sea salt • 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice • 1 tablespoon olive oil • 3 tablespoons of Manitoba Harvest hemp hearts • […]

Treat yourself, your family and your neighbors right this Halloween

By Rachel Silverman (intern) with better nutrition simplified input from Ashley Koff RD Last week when I (Rachel) stopped by my local drug store to pick up a few items – I noticed how much I was surrounded by candy. All types of health claims were attached to these food items – sugar free, fat […]

Ask Ashley Koff RD- “Concentrated MCT oil – brain gain or head ache?”

Ashley’s Answer: Well first let me say I’m a huge fan of quality coconut oil for overall health especially a) persons with digestive issues b) anti-microbial benefits when consumed in/on the body including breast-feeding. MCT – medium chain triglycerides – are great for us as a quick source of energy but do we know what […]

“Ask Ashley Koff RD”- I can’t lose weight.

This weeks question was from Pam. “I can’t lose weight. I’ve tried hitting the gym every day. I’ve tried changing my workout routines. I’ve tried walking, running, swimming, water aerobics and crunches. I’ve tried Weight Watchers. I’m taking a prescription weight loss medication. I’m on a thyroid medication. I have not lost one ounce. I […]