The AKA Digestive Tune Up

You are what you eat – well, not actually. You actually are what you digest and absorb. To that end, I always ask my patients to answer the following questions to assess their digestive health (ideally weekly) and depending on their answers they, and you, may need The AKA Digestive Tune-UP. The AKA Digestive Assessment […]

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“Ask Ashley Koff RD”- Thoughts on Kalettes – The New Kale/Brussels Sprouts

“Thoughts on Kalettes – the new kale/Brussels sprouts combo coming out this fall. Frankenfood or genius nutrition?” Colleen Great question! It appears that this UK “Flower Sprouts” which has crossed The Pond was designed (developers report 15 yrs of toiling to perfect) to meet a SERIOUS need – “The inspiration behind Kalettes came from a […]

Back to School Bites

A Tori’s Take Tale featuring suggestions from Ashley Koff, RD “The lunches they have at school are awful!” one mom I was talking to recently exclaimed. “I can’t believe how unhealthy they are…I’ve resorted to packing Sarah’s lunchbox myself.” To stand up for my School Nutrition colleagues who are helping facilitate big change in school […]

Ask Ashley Koff RD: Late Night Eating

Question- “As a dad, I am always on the go, I am trying to get healthy and lose some extra pounds but I am not having any success. I don’t do badly during the day, in fact, I rarely take time to eat, it’s when I get home and later at night after the kids […]

Better Back-to-School Gear Helps Enable Better Health – For The Whole Family

Check out these and more on The AKA (AshleyKoffApproved) Personal Shopper.

This week’s “Ask Ashley”- “Why do you recommend supplements?”

Dear Ashley, I am a RD, LD in Ohio and I’ve always taken the approach of getting your nutrients from whole foods and not from supplements, other than calcium, Vit D, and Fish Oil. I see that you are a proponent of supplementation. I am interested in why? Do you have any research on the […]

Coffee Tips

If coffee, then … Water with lemon; eat/drink organic greens; plant protein like hemp, almonds, quinoa If latte, then… Keep milk to 6oz; choose organic dairy/non options; if choose non-dairy “milk”, go unsweetened; pair with protein/fat (not carb) options like: If mocha/caramel/vanilla/mint etc,then… Use chocolate unsweetened non-dairy milk; use organic chocolate milk (4 Oz) […]

Why the “Parents (and Doctors) Know Best” Argument Will (Continue to) Fail Our Kids

“Parents and doctors know what’s best when it comes to the health of their child, not the government.” Without question grandmother, mother, Lieutenant Colonel and Iowa’s nominee for Senate, Joni Ernst spoke these words yesterday, well intentioned to unite and inspire Americans. So to tell her she’s wrong makes me feel a bit like Scrooge. […]

Ask Ashley: How do you keep your clients honest, accountable?

Ashley Answers: It’s an interesting question. First, I’d say I don’t “keep clients honest” I think that rather than share untrue information clients prefer to just not be in touch. We both know when that’s happening – most of my clients are providing a weekly or even daily food journal / report. Depending on the […]

“You asked: ‘Are there any nutrition tips to get me back my ‘get up and go’ I’m 58 and I’m not ready to throw in the towel on being active but I get so worn out and am losing flexibility it feels like each week!’ Ashley Answers here

Ah age. We’ve been told to try to erase it (anti-aging) or ignore it (50 is the new 20, right?) but every day when we get out of bed or try to go about doing what we have done for years our bodies speak to us, telling us a different story – so what are […]