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We all want better health. For some of us that means getting healthy and for others it means staying healthy. We know better nutrition is key for better health. But what is better nutrition? Paleo, vegan, gluten-free, allergen-free, alkaline, detox, body type - oh my! Better nutrition is actually simple, but I know it sure doesn't feel that way!

Until NOW! The Better Nutrition, Simplified Program delivers you all the information you need to know and the tools you need to implement your own personalized nutrition plan! It's simple AND it works! I can say this because I've spent over a decade helping patients just like you figure out not just what they need but how to do it to achieve their personal health goals.

The Better Nutrition, Simplified Program is based on two principles 1) Only better nutrition delivers better health and 2) Better nutrition is simple, but it does require effort.

To that end, the program includes 5 key tools to help you based on your needs and desired level of support:

1) The FREE Better Nutrition Simplified Plan, How-to-Use downloads and Ashley's Nutrition Advice online - this is for the person who wants to build their own program using mostly whole foods and Ashley's blogs, newsletters, and videos for education and support.

2) The Better Nutrition, Simplified "Pit Stops" complete eating occasion suggestions based on lifestyles, life-stages and preferences - these are complete eating occasion ideas designed by Ashley and her team so they already meet the 4 nutrition pillars of the Better Nutrition Simplified plan so you can easily assemble days, weeks and months of meal plans designed to meet your specific needs and preferences.

3) The Better Nutrition, Simplified AKA Personal Shopper - evaluate what's in your cupboards and look for new products - foods, supplemental foods, and healthy lifestyle accessories - tool to help you ensure you are choosing better quality food & supplemental food to incorporate into your personal Better Nutrition Simplified plan.

4) Get Better Nutrition Simplified QuickStart Consults with Ashley Koff RD (coming soon) - download a consult to help you develop you jumpstart your Better Nutrition Simplified plan - here Ashley answers the most frequently asked questions from her patients over the last decade with similar health goals as you. Get key resources including a checklist of questions for your practitioner(s), recommended tests, and sample nutrition plan including foods and supplements to consider.

5) Get YouRx Better Nutrition Simplified Plan! LIMITED Availability - Ashley will work with you personally - to assess your history, to explore what's worked and hasn't, to understand your personal health goals - to determine a personalized health plan AND help you implement it. Afterall, a plan only becomes a winning plan if you know how to use it, and that can take back and forth effort to determine the best strategies for you, personally. The initial YouRx package includes a 60 minute phone/mobile session and unlimited email for 1 year (that's 365 days of personalized nutrition support)! Click here to submit a new patient request form.

Who's Ashley? An award-winning dietitian, Ashley has a medical license that includes not only her traditional dietetics work but also over a decade of experience in integrative nutrition approaches. A leader in her field, Ashley often collaborates on patients with the leading doctors in their fields as well as advises the media, food and supplement manufacturers, non-profit organizations, and medical institutions on all aspects of better nutrition. Want to know more?

personal shopper

personal shopper